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1950's July '56 Technical agreement with CEFILAC of France approved for use of the Ugine Sejournet hot extrusion process.
Sept. '57 Full production began.
Oct. '58 Hot-finish processing plant and billet preparation plant completed.
Jan. '59 Cold-finish processing plant and related facilities completed.
1960's Apr. '60 Use of JIS mark on products approved.
Nov. '60 Authorization as Lloyd-approved plant.
May '65 Authorization as TUV-approved plant.
Mar. '66 Specialized plant for manufacture of nuclear fuel cladding tube completed.
Apr. '67 Authorization as DNV-approved plant.
1970's Sept. '70 Manufacturing facilities for nuclear fuel cladding tube expanded.
Apr. '71 Cited by the Hiroshima Bureau of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) for outstanding performance as JIS plant.
Feb. '73 Workshop completed for inspection and packaging of stainless steel U-tube.
Mar. '75 Specialized production facilities completed for long-length, small-diameter tube.
Oct. '79 Cited by Minister of MITI for outstanding performance as JIS plant.
1980's June '81 New plant completed for manufacture of nuclear fuel cladding tube.
Apr. '83 Authorization as KR(Korean Register of shipping) - approved plant.
Jan. '87 Plant for manufacture of precision stainless steel tube completed.
Oct. '88 Plant for manufacture of weld titanium tube completed.
Nov. '89 Awarded the 1989 Quality Control Award for factory by the Deming Prize Committee.
Dec. '89 Plant for manufacture of Excel Clean Pipe completed.
1990's Dec. '91 Plant for manufacture of nuclear fuel cladding tube completed.
July '92 Authorized as ISO 9002 plant.
Apr. '96 Kobe Special Tube Co.,Ltd. established.
2000's    Apr. '00 Zircaloy fuel cladding tube section separated and established Zirco Products Co.,Ltd.
Nov. '02 Authorized as ISO 9001 company. (Version 2000)
Apr. '05 The total number of extruded pipes achieved 10,000,000
July '05 Authorized as JISHA OSHMS.
Jan. '07 Use of new JIS mark on products approved.
Feb. '07 Authorized as ISO14001 company.(Version 2004)
Mar. '07 Plant for manufacture of Bright Annealing Pipes expanded.
May '07 Plant for manufacture of welded titanium tubes expanded.
Oct. '08 cold-finish processing plant expanded.
Apr. '16 Renamed as Kobelco Steel Tube Co.,Ltd.
Feb. '18 Authorized as ISO 14001 company.(Version 2015)
Aug. '18 Authorized as ISO 9001 company.(Version 2015)
Oct. '18 Specialized production facilities for coiled tubes completed.
Jan. '19 Manufacturing facilities for BA tubes expanded.
Jun. '20 Renames as Maruichi Stainless Tube Co., Ltd.
Oct. '21 Withdrawal from welded titanium tubes.
Oct. '21 Manufacturing facilities for coiled tubes expanded.